The Grand Prix Drivers' Association has released a stinging statement on the current F1 rule-makers, calling the existing system 'obsolete' and causing 'gridlock' as drivers ask for a change in the future direction of the sport.

In a statement released on behalf of the GPDA represented by Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button and Alex Wurz, F1 drivers have asked stakeholders to revise its current decision-making and produce a new organisational structure.

The statement comes after a number of drivers voiced their frustrations at the sport's stakeholders - as well as the F1 Commission and F1 Strategy Group - who have stumbled towards a regulations revamp for 2017 and the embarrassment of the new elimination qualifying format being scrapped after just one race.

"The drivers have come to the conclusion that the decision-making process in the sport is obsolete and ill-structured and prevents progress being made," the statement read. "Indeed, it can sometimes lead to just the opposite, a gridlock.

"This reflects negatively on our sport, prevents it being fit for the next generation of fans and compromises further global growth.

"We would like to request and urge the owners and all stakeholders of Formula 1 to consider restructuring its own governance.

"The future directions and decisions of F1, be they short or long term, sporting, technical or business orientated should be based on a clear master plan. Such plan should reflect the principles and core values of Formula 1."

Within the detailed statement the GPDA has written to F1's stakeholders, followers and fans asing for the future direction of F1 to produce fair and competitive regulations - both technical and sporting - with a clear 'master plan'.

The drivers are unanimously supporting the statement and the need for change and are willing help and support decision makers, underlining their motive behind the letter as a constructive piece with good intentions to improve F1 for future generations.

"We need to ensure that F1 remains a sport, a closely-fought competition between the best drivers in extraordinary machines on the coolest race tracks," the statement continued. "F1 should be home only to the best teams, drivers and circuits, with partners and suppliers fit for such an elite championship.

"Formula 1 has undoubtedly established itself as the pinnacle of motorsport and as such one of the most viewed and popular sports around the world. We drivers stand united, offer our help and support for F1 to keep it as such, and further to make it fit and exciting for many years and generations to come.

"It is important to state that this open letter is intended in the best interests of all and should not be seen as blind and disrespectful attack."



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