FIA race director Charlie Whiting says the fans and TV companies won't miss out on any 'juicy content' over the driver radios despite the new restrictions applied for the 2016 F1 season.

The new sporting regulations state teams cannot speak to its drivers regarding lap times, tyres, car set-up adjustments and other issues and despite a small relaxation on the rules ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, teams can only speak to drivers if there is a terminal issue.

Whiting is confident the new rules won't mean less thrilling racing, in fact it has been largely implemented to achieve the opposite, while he also expects the drama to continue.

"We heard many, many complaints from viewers who were a bit fed up of hearing the continual engineering assistance the driver was getting," Whiting said. "That's fundamentally what we want to cut out, but the driver is allowed to say anything he wants - there's no restrictions in what he says; it's what the team can say to him.

"You'll still get what I would call the juicy content - if someone has done something silly on track, the driver can call him an idiot and all that sort of stuff. Those are the things that generally I think people like to hear."



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