Fourth place in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix was a good place to start 2016 for Daniel Ricciardo and Red Bull Racing, but the local favourite reckons there could be more to come in round two.

Bahrain International Circuit has seen its fair share of Red Bull wins, notably in the team's period of F1 dominance, but, while the past two seasons haven't yielded quite the same success, Ricciardo is confident that this year's RB12 can go well there.

"The track does suit us, and the last couple of years we've had a pretty good result, so hopefully we can continue that this year as well," he said, "I think the track's always been pretty fun to race on, I feel I've always had good results at this track, and there are good places for overtaking. There's not really one standout corner that's like 'woah', but it's all pretty cool.

"The track is good for overtaking, the last corner flows quite well and if you can get close for DRS you can get a good run into turn one. If you don't get it into turn one, then there's turn four or the middle sectors where it's easy to make mistakes. There's probably four places you can pass on the track, which is pretty good."

Bahrain's move to run into darkness has also found favour with the Australian, who reckons that racing under cover of night gives grands prix a whole new slant.

"Since it's been a night race, it's become a lot more exciting," he said of the Sakhir event, "The tyres last a bit longer and you can push a bit harder throughout the race, so it's been a good challenge the last few years. Night races are fun: for whatever reason, it feels like you go a bit faster at night, so it's exciting. If every race was a night race it wouldn't have that same atmosphere, but it's cool that we have a few across the year."



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