The Red Bull Racing garage was a contrast of emotions after two free practice sessions at the Bahrain Grand Prix, with Daniil Kvyat's side a lot happier with its lot than Daniel Ricciardo's.

After the problems he endured at round one of the 2016 season in Melbourne, Kvyat was delighted to get a full day of running, eventually posting the seventh-fastest time in a quicker evening session that featured a couple of surprise turns from Jenson Button and Max Verstappen.

"It was a decent day - I would say the best Friday so far with Red Bull Racing," the Russian intoned, "We were aiming to have a clean Friday as, after all the trouble we had in Melbourne, it was crucial for us to have such a day. We did good mileage today, [so there's] a lot of data to go through. It looks positive and, hopefully, we can maintain this shape and hopefully make a couple of steps forward."

Kvyat insisted that, while Button's result, in particular, was probably an anomaly given McLaren's recent form, he had no such questions over the validity of his own time.

"There were a couple of surprises today [so] we have to see tomorrow what it is going to be like," he noted, "There is no big surprise of our pace so, if we make a couple of good steps forward tomorrow and maybe others don't make them, we can hopefully have a good day."

Ricciardo, meanwhile, gave Button credit for turning in a time good enough for third overall behind the runaway Mercedes duo, but lamented his own evening session after being denied the chance to carry out the intended programme with his RB12.

"Jenson was surprising pace - not him, the team," he grinned, "He is alright for an old man! Even if Jenson was on five kilos of fuel, it was still a pretty decent lap time, so we will see tomorrow. On the long runs, we should have them covered, [but] that is only going by what we learned in Melbourne. Here, it is a little bit hazy."

That 'haze' was not helped by a problem early in FP2 that precluded Ricciardo from carrying out an important part of his schedule.

"The first session went okay and then, in P2, I didn't get many good runs," he reflected, "The very first lap of the run, I locked the front into turn one on the soft tyre and then we couldn't use that again for the long runs. We missed quite a lot of high fuel running, and then the high fuel running we did get with the option was interrupted with all those virtual safety cars, so we missed out on a bit of information.

"Fortunately, Danny had a decent run so we will look at what he did and lean on that. The short runs will be similar to Melbourne - we are on the cusp of Q3 - but, in the race, we will be a little bit better on the tyres. I stand here not really knowing how my deg was as [the run] was really interrupted by the VSC, but, wherever we qualify, I believe that we will have better race pace than that position."



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