Lewis Hamilton says the starting procedure on the Mercedes is 'feeling a little better' in Bahrain as he looks to avoid the slow getaway that prevented him from mounting a victory challenge in the Australian Grand Prix.

Hamilton started the opening round of the season from pole position but a poor start by both himself and fellow front row starter Nico Rosberg in the sister Mercedes allowed both Ferraris to jump them, before slight contact at turn one for the Briton dropped him to sixth initially.

Indeed, though Christian Horner said after Australia that Ferrari's rapid getaways had been noted in pre-season testing, Mercedes declared it would investigate its own procedures so the drivers aren't having their qualifying efforts undone from the start of the race.

However, though Hamilton says he feels the procedure is better this weekend, he admits there is still some work to be done on the W07, not least because he isn't something from a particular issue.

"We are always trying to improve on starts," he said. "They are feeling a little bit better this weekend, we will try to do the best job we can and we are more confident after the experience of the first race that we should have a better start this weekend, but naturally it doesn't improve over one week.

"It's not a particular problem. You have to get a setting right before you leave the garage and sometimes you get it right and sometimes you get it wrong.

"There are a lot of variations between whether the clutch is the right temperature and those sorts of things. Plus, the first start we did for the formation lap was sweet and the second was not so good. We will just try to learn from that."

It is not the first time Mercedes have been caught out at the start, with Ferrari launching a similar offensive in Hungary as it went on to claim a dominant win.



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