Fernando Alonso has 'burned' Johnny Herbert live on Sky Sports F1 after the former F1 race winner suggested it is time for the two-time world champion to retire.

Former F1 driver-turned-pundit Herbert was giving his opinion on Alonso following his withdrawal from the Bahrain Grand Prix on medical grounds in the wake of his major smash in Melbourne, suggesting he is 'giving up on racing' based on what he considers a blas? attitude.

"I don't think Fernando should come back," he wrote. "He seems to be out of motivation and all these elements add to the performances you don't expect of a two-time world champion.

"We don't see that passion from him to want to drive and push himself to the limit when he is in an F1 car. That is another part of his armour that seems to be lacking at the minute. He still has a good racing brain and knows where to put the car, but he doesn't have the pace."

However, a clearly riled Alonso would seemingly take exception to the comments as, on live television, he is seen seeking Herbert out as he is presenting. Shaking hands, a clearly nervous Herbert asks 'are you retiring', to which Alonso replies...

"No, I'm a world champion. You ended up as a commentator because you are not world champion."

The McLaren-Honda driver promptly exits leaving a bemused Herbert and co-presenter Rachel Brookes to carry on.

Alonso: 1
Herbert (and any non-world championship winning commentators): 0



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