There will be no option to return to the 2015 qualifying format according to Toto Wolff, despite it remaining the preferred choice for teams as the debacle rumbles on.

With elimination qualifying criticised once again following its second outing in Bahrain, team bosses - including Wolff and Eric Boullier - had suggested the only rational solution is to return to the popular format of 2015.

However, the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone continued to stand their ground in 90mins of crunch talks with the F1 stakeholders, refusing to present it as an option.

With unanimity required, it appears now certain that F1 will not revive the knockout format as it was, with Wolff saying the decision must now be respected despite its unpopularity

"Going back to 2015 is what the teams proposed, but it is not on the table," said Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff. The teams gave the opinion we should go back to 2015

"We can understand the challenges the FIA and commercial rights holder have and they said 2015 is not acceptable for them, so we have to acknowledge it and accept it."

Instead, a revised format is being tabled for another meeting on Thursday, with Claire Williams offering a positive assessment of it, calling it 'well-thought through'.

"I think it is a well thought though proposal the FIA have come up with and hopefully a solution that will work for everybody and easy for fans to understand but also will see more cars on track in qualifying, which I think everyone wants to see."



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