Nico Rosberg has pointed to a reversal of fortune at the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix as the key to his second win of the 2016 F1 season.

The German, starting from second on the grid alongside Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton, got the better of the Briton off the line and was clear of the mayhem that erupted in his wake as Hamilton was collected by Williams' Valtteri Bottas in turn one.

Rosberg's cause as also helped by a poor getaway from Kimi Raikkonen, who was the only remaining Ferrari in the race after Sebastian Vettel suffered an engine failure on the way to the grid.

Once out in front, Rosberg was able to stretch his lead with every lap, quickly extending his advantage to the length of the main straight as Raikkonen struggled to match his pace and a hobbled Hamilton had to fight his way through from the tail end of the top ten.

Although both managed to close on the leader as he negotiated traffic, Rosberg was never troubled, taking his second win of the season and his fifth in a row stretching back to the end of 2015.

"It's been an awesome weekend," the German grinned, "The key was really the start - I got a great getaway and, from then on, I was trying to control the race. We've been working a lot on starts and I'm glad it worked out. From then on, the car was feeling great."

Without any great pressure from behind, Mercedes was able to run a conservative race, with Rosberg eventually stroking his W07 home ten seconds clear of Raikkonen and half-a-minute ahead of Hamilton.

"We played it safe in case there was a safety car or something," the driver confirmed, "We went for a safe strategy, not a fast strategy, just to cover all eventualities. I'm very, very happy with today, and it's just awesome to get another win."

The win was Rosberg's fifth in succession stretching back to the end of 2015, but he insisted that he was not thinking back that far, or on his championship prospects, preferring to concentrate on the long year ahead.

"It's awesome but I'm not thinking about it - I'm just taking it race by race," he said, "It's great to win here today - that's two wins on the trot - but I'm only thinking of the next race in China.

"It is a good moment because we had a good car today, but [five wins in a row] is not something I think about. I'm not thinking about it right at this moment, I'm just thinking about this season and it's two wins now in a row, good points. That's where my focus is - five wins or three wins, it doesn't make a difference..."



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