Valtteri Bottas says he doesn't believe his disappointing performance during the Bahrain Grand Prix was solely down to his penalty and an erroneous strategy, saying Williams needs to find more pace from the FW38.

Bottas endured a frustrating race in Bahrain after colliding with Lewis Hamilton at the first corner, an incident that damaged his car and earned him a drive-through penalty for causing an avoidable collision.

Despite this, Bottas had been running third during the first stint and though the penalty forced him further down the field, a subsequent two-stop strategy failed to play him back into contention as he settled for ninth at the finish.

However, though the Finn was disappointed with the circumstances of the race, he says it shouldn't disguise the fact the car isn't quick enough to meet its targets at the moment.

"It's difficult to say how much we lost because the damage was done in Turn One, so I had the same front wing the whole race, so I don't have any other reference. Normally you do lose quite a bit of performance with a damaged wing, but I still managed to get two points, so that's better than nothing. But it's not very satisfying either.

"We had two new medium compound tyres for the race but we only used one. I used a soft compound tyre for the last stint, one that had only been scrubbed, so it was effectively brand new.

"We need to review our procedures, I think, but I don't think that's what cost us in the race. I think the fundamental thing is that we need to find more pace from the car."

Williams has finished third in the constructors' standings for the past two seasons.



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