Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says he isn't listening to comments being made by certain rivals over the outfit's preparations for entering F1 following its immediate success.

Though Haas received universal praise for its top six finish on its Australian Grand Prix debut, it came with the caveat of some teams insisting they are not surprised by the team's instant success and impressive performance, primarily due to its close technical partnership with Ferrari.

Indeed, though it is considered that Haas has not acted illegally in any way, some teams have questioned whether it has skirted close to the rules of being a 'customer Ferrari', a claim the team has repeatedly refuted anyway.

Regardless, Steiner says he would rather see Haas criticised for its success than otherwise and insists he is not concerned by the opinion of others.

"I don't know what others are thinking. Everyone has to look at themselves and why they are where they are before critiquing other people. The regulations are the same for everybody.

"We didn't do anything different to what anyone else can do. I feel at peace with ourselves. A lot of people didn't expect that and now they are wow, that really happened. Sometimes you have to get over things.

"I'd rather be crictised for doing good than felt sorry for doing badly. The regulations are the same for everybody. We didn't have an advantage so why would we get criticised."

Following the top six debut, Romain Grosjean finished fifth in the Bahrain Grand Prix.