The feud between F1 powers and teams over the qualifying format has taken a new turn after team bosses submitted a letter to unanimously demand a return of the knockout system of 2015.

After lengthy deliberations between FIA President Jean Todt, FOM's Bernie Ecclestone and team bosses at the Bahrain Grand Prix yielded no formal solution, another meeting was arranged for today to discuss the potential of a revised 'aggregate' format.

However, a lukewarm response at the time has seemingly given way to a full rejection by the teams according to the BBC, who have instead come together to demand, in a letter submitted to the FIA, FOM and F1 owners CVC, that they only agree to revert back to last year's more popular format.

Indeed, though the aggregate format - which would see a partial return to the knockout system, but have a grid determined by combining each driver's two flying laps in the three segments - was cautiously more popular amongst team bosses than the much maligned elimination format, drivers flatly criticised it.

Coupled to the fact teams do not want another 'live experiment' to see if the format works, it is holding firm in the hope it can persuade Todt and Ecclestone to change their minds instead, even though they have made it clear that isn't considered an option for them..

As it stands, as stipulated by the decision-making processes in F1, if no unanimous decision is reached there will be no format change, which means elimination qualifying will remain in place for the Chinese Grand Prix..



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