Daniel Ricciardo thinks F1 is no longer always "ballsy or thrilling" enough and in an ideal world he'd like to see changes which will allow the drivers to push for the whole race and not have to worry about fuel and tyre saving.

His comments come at a time in which there is still no resolution on next year's technical overhaul and after the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) released that stinging statement on the current F1 rule-makers last month, calling the existing system 'obsolete' and causing 'gridlock', as well as asking for a change in the future direction of the sport.

"For sure the basics ones - get the noise back is one. More, faster cars, faster for the whole race, allowing us to push the whole race," Ricciardo replied, when asked what he would like to see changed.

"I've got to a point now where I am actually used to all the fuel saving and tyre saving. It is a little bit of an art in a way and I feel that I have got used to that and understood it. It is not that I don't enjoy it - I actually find it quite fun, but I am sure I would like to go faster and not have to deal with those things.

"For the tempo, for the whole pace of the race to be quicker, a bit more intense [too]. And to have high speed corners, to be able to push the cars through the high speed more. I don't want to bolt on a whole lot of downforce and then be unable to follow another car. Qualifying would be fun but it would make the Sundays very dull. In an ideal world, whether it is through the tyres, having more grip from the tyre itself, to be able to go through the high speed and be more on to the driver."

"When I tested in Jerez the first time in 2009, all the high speed corners were up to me," he added. "The car was going to stick; it was how much I was willing to push it. Now I feel that there are a lot of corners on the calendar where you get to your limit.

"You want to go faster, you feel that your courage will take you to another level, but simply the car won't stick, and it is not really at a speed which is always that ballsy or thrilling. That is why the young kids can come up now and get used to it pretty quickly."

Ricciardo also said he would like to see the disparity between the different engines diminish: "The power units are quite complicated. It is easy for me to say because we have been on the shorter end of that straw the last few years. Just generally though, to have a bit more equality through horsepower, just to get the teams to design a better car."

"If we could all have a similar straight line speed it would bring it all a bit closer," concluded the Red Bull Racing pilot.



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