Sebastian Vettel says the engine issue that put him out in Bahrain was due to a combination of "rare" circumstances and that the Scuderia has changed nothing ahead of this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix.

Vettel managed just half of the formation lap two weeks ago before his Ferrari cried enough, forcing him to watch the race from the sidelines.

"I think we understood it," he said on Thursday, when asked about the failure. "I am not an engine specialist but as far as it was explained it was a rare combination of circumstances. So a little bug that led into a big problem in the end.

"The consequence was huge. It can't be any bigger, so it is a shame. But I think, as with any mistakes, it happens and we have to deal with it now.

"I don't think it is a big problem, nothing changes for here. We have a new engine obviously, but there are a lot of races to go. It is a long season. We have to go step-by-step and see how it goes."

Meanwhile, Vettel added that it was difficult to say at this stage whether or not it will leave them an engine short as the year goes on.

"This year obviously you could argue there is the extra luxury of another engine for just two races compared to last year. So we are in the same situation now as last year and whether that means we have to take another engine, at this point the honest answer is we don't know," he explained.

"[But as I said] it doesn't matter for here. We focus solely on the race and go from there," concluded the four-time F1 World Champion.



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