Fernando Alonso says he feels physically "100 per cent" ready for this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix.

Alonso failed an FIA medical in Bahrain and was barred from competing due to the injuries he sustained in his massive shunt after colliding with Esteban Gutierrez in the season opener in Australia. The Spaniard had another medical on Thursday, and despite a lengthy delay, was finally given the all-clear, albeit with the provision that he will have to undergo a further examination immediately following FP1 to determine if he can take part in the remainder of the event.

"I feel good," he told reporters prior to the FIA's announcement. "I feel OK. In Bahrain I was mentally 100 per cent ready to race, but physically I had a lot of pain in Bahrain. I was ready to try at least to see if the pain was manageable with the broken rib.

"The situation has improved a lot [now] and mentally I am 120 per cent now but physically I am 100 per cent with no pain in the last couple of days. I have been training with the normal routine for the past two weeks, running, bicycle, golf, tennis, many a sport to be a little more ready and fit.

"I did sleep for the last two weeks' as well because for the first 10 days after Australia I could only sleep on one side so that was not really comfortable. From Bahrain to here, a big improvement. I feel good."

Asked if his ribs are fully recovered, he replied: "Yes".

Meanwhile, Alonso added that he was unsure why it took the FIA so long to come to a decision about his participation in China.

"That is a question for them probably. Sometimes a longer process that we like or we think from the outside because there are some things behind and some procedures and some paperwork or whatever that is not that you arrive there and you feel OK but before it is written it takes time and that is what is happening."

"I feel 100 per cent, I guess they will feel I am 100 per cent, anyway the normal thing will be after the first session to check the time. I feel OK because F1 is a very unique sport so it doesn't matter what activity you do before racing that with the unique position we are sitting in with the G-forces everything can change in the car so after the first couple of laps I will feel if it is OK from my side and if it is OK from their side.

"That is the logical theme to follow and if it is sooner or later, the written decision they are making, there is probably a longer process behind than what we think.

"For the sportsmen and the media it should be black and white, but there are some formal things that you need to follow sometimes."