Daniil Kvyat has admitted his charge from 15th to seventh place in the Bahrain was 'crucial' for him to get his season back on track after being at a loss to explain his lack of pace in the new Red Bull.

After failing to start the Australian Grand Prix, Kvyat faced a challenge ahead of the second round in Bahrain when he qualified 15th, a result that he conceded was primarily down to his fundmental lack of pace.

However, the Russian turned things around come race day, making an alternative strategy work as he climbed through the order to seventh at the chequered flag. For him it was an important result his confidence having struggled to pin-point exactly why he had been down on pace.

"I think it was really crucial. When you get into Formula 1, you are obviously a fast driver but you always want to see the confirmation in the chronometer. I didn't have it in Barcelona and in Australia, but it was good to have it on Sunday in Bahrain.

"Everything looked nice and comfortable and we really had an opportunity to finish on a high had we optimised our strategy but we didn't know it during the race. But it was a good run, very pleasant to see, and now we need to have this kind of weekend all the time starting from Saturday also."



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