Christian Horner has warned F1 is not on course to find a solution to meet the engine regulation criteria as set out by the FIA before this month's fast approaching deadline.

In order to avoid the potential introduction of an alternative independent customer engine, the manufacturers were tasked with coming up with a solution that would see the cost of power units reduced significantly for customer teams, guarantee a supply, simplify the technical specification and improve the noise.

A deadline of 30 April, in line with an agreement on the chassis regulations, has been set for this, but Red Bull team principal Horner says they have just one last shot at firming up any changes since they are currently 'nowhere near' meeting the laid out criteria.

"I think it's a complex situation, but fundamentally there were four criteria that were requested by the governing body to be met to ensure stability moving forward.

"Those four criteria were: a significant reduction in cost to 12 million euros, the availability of supply or the guarantee of supply, power convergence to within a relatively small bandwidth and to address the noise.

"As we sit here now we are not anywhere near having met any of those criteria and I think unfortunately what will happen, as is often the case with these things, time will run out at the end of the month and nothing will be achieved and nothing will change.

"There is one more attempt in the Strategy meeting and the Commission meeting at the end of the month to discuss and table the concerns and where we're at, but failing that regulations will inevitably stay as they are."

Whilst admitting the discussions taken place are unlikely to please the likes of Horner, Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff insists change is coming.

"It is a complex agreement. We have been given the task in coming up with solutions so that no team is left without an engine. I think all the engine manufacturers have acknowledged that, so we try to cover that. There is an aspect of price reduction, which is important to most of the teams, and we tried to cover that in the framework agreement.

"Obviously it's very difficult to make everybody happy. Christian isn't so happy. But I think we need to come up with a solution until the end of April. We need to ratify those regulations and at the moment everybody is working very hard to at least find the smallest common denominator."



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