Pascal Wehrlein says he was alarmed by his accident during qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix after crashing into the barriers on the home straight when he struck a damp patch

Despite a largely dry track, puddles remained under the large bridges across the pit straight remained, with Wehrlein losing control as he struck a bump as he started his first flying run.

Spinning across the track and into the barriers, albeit without harm or significant damage to the Manor MRT05, Wehrlein blamed the 'scary' accident on a number of factors.

"Definitely," he replied when asked if it was a scary moment. "You are going quite fast on this part. I am disappointed and unhappy but if you lose the car in the corner it is your mistake, but if you lose it on the straight [it is] something really strange.

Refusing to accept or apportion blame, Wehrlein admits that perhaps the session should not have been started in that condition.

"You could blame many people - you can blame myself, you can blame us because we took the wrong decision, you can blame the FIA because maybe it was not safe to be allowed to go out on slick tyres over this bump when the track is wet. You can blame many things but the result is the same.

"It is dangerous with slick tyres, but if you have the slick tyres [on] you have one or two shots - and for sure you don't brake before the bump and accelerate again."