Maurizio Arrivabene says he won't apportion blame towards Daniil Kvyat for the turn one incident that would result in Sebastian Vettel spinning Kimi Raikkonen out of contention for the Chinese Grand Prix, calling it a racing incident.

Raikkonen was tipped into a half-spin and left with damage when he was turned around by his Ferrari team-mate, the German blaming a robust pass by Daniil Kvyat up the inside of him at turn one that made him jink left and collect his team-mate instead.

Though Vettel carried on to claw his way back up to second position, Raikkonen was forced to pit for a new wing and left chasing through the pack, eventually ending up in fifth place.

Despite the embarrassing coming together, Ferrari team principal Arrivabene insists the clash was simply a racing incident and he won't be pointing the finger of blame at either Vettel or Kvyat.

"I think it was an accident, these are things that are part of the race but of course when you have your two drivers crashing with each other, it's not good. What can I say more than that?

"I think pointing the finger at somebody is not correct. Yes Kvyat was doing his race, coming into the kerb at high speed but I think that Seb and Kimi were doing the same in the Kvyat position. Now of course if you want to defend your position you move away and unfortunately Kimi was there but I mean this is racing, it's not monopoly."

Regardless, the incident came on the day Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne was present to watch, with Arrivabene admitting it was an unfortunate outcome in the circumstances.

"He knows motor racing so of course he was not happy as I was not happy. He saw the race and in certain circumstances what can you do? You can say many things but there's nothing that you can do, not either to the team, or the car, things happen and you have just got to accept it. Of course he was not happy. By the way if he was happy I would be asking myself is he a real president."



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