Toto Wolff has suggested now is the time to maintain stability in the regulations as he feels the performance is converging between the teams enough to deliver exciting racing now.

Though Mercedes has comfortably won the opening three rounds with Nico Rosberg, there is a sense Ferrari hasn't shown its full potential, while Red Bull has proven quicker than expected and the mid-field is closely matched.

It comes as teams attempt to agree on revised regulations for 2017 aimed at making the cars more difficult to drive and fast, with a framework having now apparently been agreed ahead of what will be official ratification.

With the engine regulations also under scrutiny, Wolff says the competitive start to the 2016 season suggests adopting stability in the regulations is allowing the performance to 'converge', which could be lost again if more change is instigated now.

"Even if it is uncomfortable for the commercial rights holder that we have been running away with lots of the races and two championships, the longer you keep the regulations stable the more the performance is going to converge between everybody and this is what is happening now. The gains we are making are smaller because the curve flattens out and the others are making bigger steps.

"We are having an ideal situation with great racing and three great races in a row now. Are we capable of reacting quick enough and acknowledging that and reverting to regulations which seem to be okay now? I don't know."

With an agreement set to be reached on April 30th, Wolff nonetheless says an agreement is on the table to be confirmed.

"There is two weeks to go until we have our final Commission and Strategy Group meeting in order to come up with the regulations. On the engine front we are pretty much there. We have an agreement that needs to be ratified by the stakeholders but there are a lot of benefits for most of the teams so I am hopeful that will be done.

"In terms of the 2017 regulations we have already voted for them - we voted for the so-called McLaren proposal a while ago - there will be some discussion around whether it is the right way forward, but I don't think it will get the necessary majorities in order to turn it down again and come up with something else."



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