Sebastian Vettel has suggested F1 should consider standardising some elements of F1 car design in an effort to improve the racing, so long as it doesn't 'go against the nature' of the sport.

With the current set of regulations coming into criticism for not promoting enthralling racing, teams are close to signing off an agreement that would see an overhaul for 2017, with the aim to make the cars faster and more aggressive looking.

However, with much of this speed gain expected to come from aerodynamic and tyre tweaks, drivers have sounded cynicism as to whether the changes will make cars even harder to follow than they are now, the predominant criticism of the current generation of cars.

Indeed, four-time champion Vettel suggests more 'equality' between the cars could be a solution to ensuring there is a better chance the cars could be regulated to ensure closer competition, even if he admits it shouldn't go so far as standardising the cars.

"I think if there was more equality between the teams we would also have better racing. Obviously there's been a lot of talk about what to do, we've had the example of qualifying and now we're talking about race formats and new regulations.

"Equally, if we'd find a simple approach to allow all the teams to race very close to each other - I'm not saying all the cars should be the same because that would go against the nature and my understanding of Formula One - a smaller spread of the field would help us to race harder, race more.

"Also, if we'd have cars that would allow us to race more, and by that I mean cars that we could follow closer than we can now - aerodynamics are a great thing, it gives you a great sensation with the cornering speeds we reach, but the way they are currently set it's very difficult to follow another car."

Ferrari's Vettel is one of several drivers to speak out against the current F1 formula, which he feels is too complex and doesn't allow drivers to push throughout a race. With this in mind he feels a simpler version of F1 would appeal to both drivers and therefore the fans..

"These are a couple of fundamentals, but to have a simpler approach to Formula One, make it a bit more raw and wild, it would be great for us, the fans at the track and the people at home, and I'm talking about the cars and the sound."



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