Susie Wolff says she remains convinced Bernie Ecclestone is committed to helping women thrive in motorsport, despite latest controversial comments stating he doesn't think a female racer would be taken seriously in F1.

Speaking at an Advertising Week Europe conference, though Ecclestone said he expects more women to assume executive roles in the sport, he doesn't believe women would be taken seriously as they aren't strong enough to compete.

Wolff is the most recent woman to sample an F1 car after partaking in a number of FP1 and test outings for the Williams team. Having retired from racing in 2015, Wolff has found the 'Dare to be Different' initiative with the MSA aimed at supporting women in pursuing roles in motorsport.

However, despite Ecclestone's divisive view, Wolff took to Twitter to say she has spoken to him since the comments were made, adding that she is confident he is 'with us'.

"After hearing Bernie's comments in context; speaking to him today, it's clear we both have the goal of getting a female driver to F1. Through my years in motorsport, he was supportive of my mission to make it onto the starting grid in F1

"Last week, he agreed to come on-board with Dare To Be Different [to] support the next generation of girls aiming for the top, on and off the track.

"For me, actions always speak louder than words. Dare To Be Different is about driving female talent Bernie is with us."



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