Romain Grosjean says Pirelli shouldn't take his comments about tyre pressures during the Chinese Grand Prix as criticism directed at them, accepting it doesn't have the means to test its product sufficiently enough.

The Frenchman expressed his frustration during the Shanghai weekend that tyre pressure limits had made his Haas 'undriveable', saying it contributed to a tough weekend that saw the new-for-2016 team struggle compared with its eye-catching races in Australia and Bahrain.

Revealing he discussed the pressures with Pirelli, Grosjean said he was frustrated with the outcome but doesn't blame the company itself as he believes it isn't given sufficient opportunity to improve its product.

"I [spoke to Pirelli] and they explained to me that the load is high and they have to put high tyre pressures but it's kind of none of my business. I would like to run proper tyre pressures. So it was very good that we had the discussions.

"They know that their tyre is not good enough but we know that there is no testing so it is very difficult for them. In the race I think it was quite hard for everyone, the degradation was quite big, so not ideal."

Grosjean words come in the week Pirelli had its proposal to increase test opportunities in 2016 to 25 days this year in an effort to sufficiently prepare for 2017's proposed change in technical regulations.



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