Williams F1 driver Felipe Massa believes Mercedes is preparing to upgrade its engine for the Canadian Grand Prix, potentially as a counter to Red Bull and Renault's proposed improvements.

Christian Horner has teased a major upgrade to come from Red Bull engine supplier Renault in time for the Montreal race, with the BBC suggesting it could provide as much as four tenths of a gain per lap, putting it in range of Ferrari and possible Mercedes.

However, Massa says he doesn't expect Williams engine supplier Mercedes will be resting on its laurels either, hinting there is a new specification engine in the pipeline around the same time.

"I hope we should have an upgrade for Canada as well so I hope they are not the only ones improving their engine," he said. "I hope so we don't know how much the second engine of Mercedes should give but I hope we can improve.

"They need to improve and keep pushing and I hope we can improve. But we'll wait and see. We're talking about upgrades before they happen! It's always too early. We'll see what they bring and what we bring."



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