Toto Wolff has suggested he could recommend the Strategy Group votes down the proposed shake up in the 2017 regulations at the final time of asking, saying the exciting start to the 2016 season is proof the current format is converging and will continue to do so.

After months of discussions, the Strategy Group will meet this week to formally agree on a framework for the 2017 technical regulations, which are intended to make the cars faster and more aggressive looking.

Though Red Bull boss Christian Horner has welcomed the proposals, several drivers have aired concerns that a desire to make the cars faster over a lap will not have the desired effect of improving the racing.

Furthermore, on the back of a competitive first three races of the season, there is a growing impression that maintaining stability in the regulations - introduced in 2014 - will allow for greater 'convergence' amongst the teams.

With this in mind, Wolff suggests Strategy Group members need to seriously consider the prospect of potentially delaying the change in regulations to give the current set more of a chance.

"We have an important week ahead for the sport, with our final Strategy Group meeting to define the regulations for 2017. After three Grand Prix weekends so far in 2016, we have seen that performance between the teams is converging to create great racing.

"Whether we have the reactivity as a group to recognise that and consider retaining a regulatory framework that is working well remains to be seen."

Wolff's comments are likely to be viewed with some cynicism from some parties as his Mercedes AMG Petronas team has dominated since the change in regulations in 2014, winning 35 of the 41 races under the current era.

Though the current regulations, which promote greater frugality over flat-out performance, have won relatively few fans amongst the drivers, a number - like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel - are concerned the drive to increase speeds with aerodynamic tweaks will create cars that are more difficult to overtake in..



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