Daniil Kvyat says he sees no reason to devote any more time to discussing his fall out with Sebastian Vettel from the Chinese Grand Prix, adding he has no qualms about making the same turn one move again if given the opportunity.

Claiming only the second F1 podium of his career with well-judged drive to third position in Shanghai, Kvyat nevertheless endured the wrath of Vettel's critique immediately after the race when the former champion accused him of being 'crazy' with his attempts to pass him at turn one on the opening lap.

Though no contact was made between the two as Kvyat successfully slipped up the inside of the long right-hander, Vettel reacted by jinking away from the apex in what he claimed was avoidance of the Red Bull, in doing so tapping team-mate Kimi Raikkonen into spin.

Remonstrating in the cool down room ahead of the podium, Kvyat remains defiant about the tte-a-tte - for which he was largely backed by fans and commentators -, joking that at least it made a good piece of controversy for F1.

"It's always been like that for me in Formula One," he told ESPN ahead of his home Russian Grand Prix. "I've had many moves in my career already but they've not been in such a spotlight. Now this one seems to have been some audition, which has been talked about. I've always [gone for] a space in wheel-to-wheel racing... most of the drivers can't leave the door open, there's not a driver who likes that."

"I think I did what any competitive driver would have done. It was interesting at Turn 1 ... at Turn 1 and early in the racing generally there can be many different situations and you have to be ready for any of those. Ferrari was less ready and they paid the price.

Despite the backlash from Vettel, whom Kvyat replaced at Red Bull when the German defected to Ferrari, the 22 year-old is happy to thrash out a difference of opinion, but while he feels no need to dwell on it further, he says he would do it again anyway.

"If Sebastian feels so [wants to talk], he will do it, but for me it is all quite clear. I think we all have our points of view - all the three drivers involved, and it was good to discuss it. Now it is history and now we are focused on the future races, but I guess it was a good episode for Formula One.

"I think emotions after the race are high so it's good to speak it out. I don't know what he would say now but after the race it's pure emotions for everyone. I gave my point of view, he gave his point of view, I believe my point of view is right. I don't know what he believes at the moment but we've always treated each other with a lot of respect. I would do it all over again."