Red Bull has confirmed it will run its interpetation of a canopy protection device during first free practice for the Russian Grand Prix.

Dubbed 'aeroscreen', it uses a more conventional frontal screen ahead of the driver as a means of protecting the cockpit and the driver within.

It will get its first public airing during FP1 for the Russian Grand Prix around the Sochi Autodrom, seen as an attempt by the team to prove to the FIA that it is worth considering as an alternative method to the much discussed 'halo' device.

The 'halo', which was debuted publicly by Ferrari during pre-season testing, is favoured by the FIA and has already undergone extensive testing ahead of what could be a full introduction in 2017.

However, while the FIA's Charlie Whiting said during a press call in March that alternative devices weren't being considered, it is understood Red Bull's version could well become a viable alternative because it could be ready for 2017.

Daniel Ricciardo will be the driver behind the wheel of the modified RB12, but - as with Ferrari in March - he will complete only a couple of shakedown laps.



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