Daniel Ricciardo has urged those cynical towards the prospect of cockpit protection devices in F1 to 'be open to a bit of change' as he prepares to give Red Bull's 'Aeroscreen' version its debut at the Russian Grand Prix.

The second time a team has publicly revealed its interpretation of a protection device after Ferrari ran the much discussed 'halo' in pre-season testing, Ricciardo will drive an 'Aeroscreen' equipped RB12 for a handful of laps in FP1.

As it stands, the FIA has been focused on potentially introducing the 'halo' for 2017, but it is believed Red Bull's efforts in making the windscreen-like device ready to run on track for this test is indicative of its desire to offer up an alternative for the organisation to consider instead.

Though the Australian admits it does signify a change for the sport, he remains convinced the safety-benefits outweigh the aesthetics issue as we would become used to it.

"It looks pretty clean for now [compared to the halo]. I think they've done a pretty good job with it, but we will see how it is when it is going and speed and when the pros get the cameras on it

"Sure it is different and it looks different," he said. You are used to seeing helmets sort of pop-up and that is all you can really see of the driver from the spectator (point of view) is the helmet. But let's see. I have been for it because of the safety thing and I have just said if it does save even one life over the next 20 years, then you're going to take it. So for that we just have to be open to a bit of change.

"Obviously it is different, but at the same time in 2009 the cars changed visually quite a lot. I thought they were ugly as hell, but you got used to them and they sort of refined them and now they look sort of normal again, so I think people will just get on with it. If it is the same for everyone, if we are all running it, I think it will... You will quickly adapt, and as a fan at least you will understand."



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