Lewis Hamilton says he has no doubt that Mercedes will react in an 'exceptional' way regardless of the 2017 technical regulation outcome, adding that he hopes his negative opinion about them will be proven wrong.

The three-time world champion has been one of the more vocal sceptics regarding the proposed regulation changes, which are expected to result in cars that look more aggressive and lap several seconds faster than they do currently.

However, several drivers - including Hamilton - have aired concerns that the lap time gain by way of aerodynamic tweaks will make the cars harder to follow and overtake, negating their intended purpose to spice up the spectacle in the first place.

Though a final agreement was due this week, the technical regulations are believed to be in place subject to a formal signing off, with Hamilton accepting that regardless of the outcome he is confident Mercedes will give him the best package to win.

"[My opinion] hasn't changed," he said. "It is exactly the same as when we spoke about it before. The letter that the GPDA sent, and I've got to be careful with what I say... It is not great but we will do the best job we can with it and I know my guys will do an exceptional job with the rule as it is, but it doesn't really change anything.

With his Mercedes AMG Petronas team boss Toto Wolff urging a re-think since he feels the current regulations are now converging to provide more competitive racing, Hamilton says he hopes he is proven wrong.

"When you change something but you know it is not really going to make a difference, there's a hope that we are wrong. The engineers who know what is going to happen, just like they knew with the rules on qualifying, I hope we prove them wrong.

"If we aren't, then we're stuck in that for a period of three years or whatever it is, and that, for the fans, doesn't get any better. But those guys made a decision and we'll live with it."



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