Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull is likely to give its Aeroscreen cockpit protection device another run this season, potentially during a night event, to further evaluate it after it received a brief track debut in Russia.

The much discussed device, which has been developed by Red Bull as an alternative to Ferrari's 'halo' component, completed one installation lap around the Sochi Autodrom, primarily to test visibility in a more realistic competitive environment.

With Ricciardo having the honour of driving the modified RB12, he feels the test went as well as he could have hoped for, adding that visibility seemed little different to the current open-cockpit format.

"In all honesty the vision is fine, that seemed OK, so first impressions was fine," he said. "The engine and everything sounds a bit different, you don't have the interference with the wind. It was definitely driveable.

"You hop in and it feels fine, sure it doesn't feel normal, but once I got going it was fine and I had a Ferrari in front and you can still see and pick where they were and lines and this and that so visibility seemed pretty good."

"Once you've got the structure in place it's pretty much where the mirrors are so, I wouldn't say you're limited any more than we are now in terms of visibility. It's obviously a bit different having that in front of you but generally it was as good as we could have hoped for."

The Australian goes on to say that he expects Red Bull will give it another outing later this year, potentially in Singapore, to test it under floodlights or a circuit with more undulations.

"I think the plan is to probably try it again. Maybe on a different circuit with some different scenery, whether it's a bit more undulation or a night circuit, the lights could be interesting with how it reflects off the shield. So we'll probably give it a bit more running."



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