Lewis Hamilton has admitted there is a feeling of 'helplessness' to his current run of poor luck after suffering another costly set-back in qualifying for the Russian Grand Prix.

The defending champion looked set for a tight battle with Nico Rosberg as they disputed pole position in Sochi, only for his Mercedes W07 to develop a problem at the end of Q2 to rule him out of Q3.

The same ERS issue that left last on the grid in China, though Hamilton starts tenth provided he has to take no further penalties overnight, he is still facing a challenge to stop his team-mate extending his already healthy 36 point advantage further.

It comes as Hamilton has repeatedly rebuffed suggestions he is getting frustrated with the constant set-backs - which also come after compromising races in Australia and Bahrain too -, even if he admits it is frustrating to be hampered by factors out of his control.

"It's not easy, but there's nothing I can do about it. I'm doing everything I can to do the job the way I'm supposed to do it to the best of my abilities and these things are just unfortunate.

"[I am not 'numb], I definitely feel what I'm feeling. You're almost helpless at some points, we've worked so hard - my mechanics and my engineers - to get the car in a great position this weekend. We had the great pace once again and this happens to us all unexpectedly.

"I feel helpless for my guys because there's not really much I can do to uplift them and there's not really much they can do to uplift me because it's already happened. The goal is moving further and further away in the distance, I'm doing everything I can do ... There's nothing else I can do."



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