Toto Wolff says Mercedes will 'leave no stone unturned' in its quest to discover why Lewis Hamilton has suffered two identical technical issues in consecutive races having believed to have cured his original issue.

Hamilton started April's Chinese Grand Prix from the back of the grid after suffering an MGU-H problem in qualifying. Though Mercedes had hoped to have fixed it, the same issue reared again during qualifying for the Russian Grand Prix, albeit this time after Q2 when he had already set a time good enough for Q3.

Another set-back for Hamilton in what is becoming a run of dismal luck for the three-time world champion, Wolff remains convinced Mercedes has a 'rock solid' car, but it needs to get to the bottom of this particular issue.

"I would say that what happened is a bit of a freak failure," he said. "It is a scientific assessment process and we had a failure in Shanghai that we understood. We decided to change the parts and here we go again, the same thing happens so we need to find out if we have identified the root cause of the problem.

"The car is rock solid, it is a fast car, this weekend probably the fastest so far as we have had these two unfortunate problems on the MGU-H."



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