Lewis Hamilton says he has asked the Mercedes team to give him 'as much detail as possible' to explain why he suffered identical problems in qualifying for both the Chinese Grand Prix and this weekend's Russian Grand Prix..

Another MGU-H problem for the three-time world champion ruled him out of the final stage of qualifying, leaving him a provisional tenth on the grid.

Indeed, with Mercedes believing to have cured the original problem, Hamilton admits he is baffled as to why he has suffered with exactly the same issue.

"We say we understood what happened in the first race[China] so I would have thought we would have learnt from that, but obviously not so more work needs to go in. Now we've got another engine going in, it's [key to understand it] not going to happen on that one.

Hamilton is also conscious that the ongoing problems could have an impact on his title aspirations should he be able to close the current 36 point gap to Nico Rosberg, pointing out it could leave him taking penalties for new engines.

"What's pretty key is that we understand what it is, more so than before, and try and be careful in how we pick out all the engines we have for the rest to the year because obviously I'm have only three for the rest of the year, so I'm going to have another penalty at some point. I'll do the best job I can.

In the meantime, Hamilton says he is keen to know why a car that completed 800km of 'faultless' testing is throwing up problems..

"I'm very, very curious as to what is going on so I've asked them to give me as much detail as possible. We did 800 kilometres a day in testing, and the car was faultless. Then all of a sudden two times in a row, the same thing, that doesn't happen for us."



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