His reaction on the team radio may have been laden with expletives, but Sebastian Vettel says he will accept Daniil Kvyat made a mistake in their two collisions on the opening lap of the Russian Grand Prix.

Two weeks on from their spat in China, in which Vettel accused Kvyat of driving dangerously on the first lap - even if they didn't make any contact -, the pair came to blows twice on this occasion in Sochi.

Beginning at turn two when Kvyat locked his brakes and struck the rear of the Ferrari ahead - which subsequently pushed him into and damaged the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo to his outside -, Vettel carried on but when he lifted through turn three was hit again and spun into the barriers.

A coincidental twist given Kvyat was largely deemed blameless in their Shanghai disagreement, stewards were less forgiving on this occasion as he was handed a stop-go penalty, leaving him 15th at the chequered flag for his home race.

Despite his candid reaction in the immediate aftermath of the accident, Vettel was nonetheless philosophical sometime later as he accepted Kvyat made a mistake, but vindicates his view that Russian was in the wrong in China too.

"I don't dislike him, but I think he did a mistake two weeks ago. I think he did a mistake today - it is fairly obvious - but it doesn't help me now because I am not in the car.

"At the end we are here to race, you know, massively pumped up to get off the line. I had a superb start, and then making progress into the second corner, and then got the big hit, and got another big hit after that straightaway, which was destroying our race. As I said now, what can I do? I think I was quite loud on the radio. I don't know if you heard that, but it doesn't change anything now.

"I can't do anything but in the end this is racing. These things happen, people do mistakes, I have done mistakes, I will do mistakes in the future but it is just frustrating because the race is 53 laps not two corners."

Vettel did however admits he was lifting off in turn three to feel for damage when he was struck for the conclusive time.

"I wasn't sure if I had a puncture or whether something structural was broken. Also I was reacting to Lewis, I wanted to attack him straight away because I got a better exit still out of Turn 2, but you know the corner is going left, I was on the right so I lifted off a bit."



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