Bernie Ecclestone says he still isn't sure whether there will be an Italian Grand Prix held at Monza or Imola beyond the 2016 season, while a proposed new event in Las Vegas has also hit the rocks.

The future of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza has been under threat for some time as organisers struggle to agree terms of a new contract with Ecclestone from 2017 onwards. With Ecclestone steadfast on his hosting fee terms, it was hoped new legislation would see the Italian government intervene with funding, but this hasn't been forthcoming.

Speaking to journalists in Russia, Ecclestone says he can only be certain of a Monza round this year, while he says a potential replacement in Imola is also no guarantee.

"This year we'll have a race at Monza, for sure," he said. Next year, I don't know. We've been trying to do something with Imola, but they're Italian, so... We'll probably know on the Thursday before!"

Having revealed earlier in the year that he was in discussions to return F1 to Las Vegas with a new street race as early as 2018, Ecclestone says negotiations have stalled over a desire to ensure the race takes places on 'The Strip'.

"[We are] Struggling a little bit," he added. "I want to make sure we're on The Strip so that, when people turn the TV on, they immediately know it's Vegas."

Despite this, Ecclestone insists there are options beyond Las Vegas in his hopes of ensuring there is a second event alongside the current round in Austin.

"It would just be another one [as well as COTA]. We missed out a little bit with New York, but there are a lot of places that are talking about it..."



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