Romain Grosjean says he is willing to accept Haas may find itself disadvantaged from the new tyre testing regulations heading into the 2017 F1 season, but feels the ultimate benefits for the sport as a whole outweigh his team's needs.

Following months of negotiations, Pirelli has been granted additional in-season days 2016 to test its tyres ahead of the proposed change in regulations for 2017, using cars built in 2013 and 2014.

It means new-for-2016 team Haas cannot contribute machinery to Pirelli's tests and while measures will be taken to ensure those partaking do not gain an unfair advantage in terms of data for 2017, Grosjean feels it will be inevitable regardless.

Even so, the Frenchman believes the long-term implications of 'better tyres' are more important for the sport as a whole, regardless of whether Haas lose out as a result.

"I think right now the real question is: 'Do we want better tyres? Yes we do. What do we need to do? Testing.' Yes it's probably going to be an advantage for some teams but at the end of the day the bigger picture is we want better tyres for racing. So no matter if it gives an advantage to X or Y or whatever, we just want to give Pirelli the chance to create better tyres."

"I think everyone is pushing for better tyres," he said. "Again we have to see the big picture, not only your team. Not 'I'm fine with the tyres, they are working well with my car, I don't want to do anything'. it has to be a larger picture."

"I think today we spent a lot of our debriefing about the tyres and the way they work, to get them in the window we want. So more mileage on the tyres, the more understanding you have and the more you can design your car for the future, but in the end I think the main thing is that we want better tyres and to get better tyres we need proper running."



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