Guenther Steiner says the Haas F1 Team needs to learn to react quicker, although he concedes this will take time.

The American outfit has now started its inaugural season in Formula 1 by taking three points finishes from the first four races, but after struggling in China and initially in Sochi last weekend, Steiner added its clear the team needs "to get more data to get better and better".

"Yeah, absolutely [it is good to be back in the points]. It's a fantastic result," he replied after Romain Grosjean finished eighth in Russia last Sunday, increasing the team's tally to 22 points. "You never give up in this game. We had a difficult China, [but] we went back and looked at what we did.

"FP1 and FP2 were difficult, that was a learning session, FP3 was a little bit better but it wasn't perfect. Qualifying, we got in to Q2, which as I always say we don't ever forget it's our fourth race. It wasn't bad but then finishing eighth is fantastic again. And again it shows that if we get it right the car can do it, the driver can do it, the main thing is now we need to get more data to get better and better.

"We need to be better as a team to react to special [situations]. Like this track is special, it's very slippery, low grip. Once you have the experience you know how to react, we don't have the experience between the car and everything to put it together. Once we have the experience we should be able to react quicker and to get the better set-up for qualifying. But it will take a little bit of time to have that one all ready. The youngest team is five years old, we are four races old, so I think they have got a little bit of an advantage over us there which we can never make up.

"But we work hard, everybody works hard and tries to do their best and that's what gets you the points."

Asked what the overriding lesson from the Russian GP weekend was, he said: "That if you never give up you can get points. We had a difficult time in China, we had a learning time in FP1 and FP2, as I said, but then again if we do our job properly - and everyone did work hard and this is just down to the guys that worked hard - then we can get in the points again most of the time."



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