Honda F1 boss Yusuke Hasegawa says the manufacturer is prepared to extend its supply beyond McLaren as per the incoming regulations, but has no plans to do so at this time.

The Japanese firm returned to F1 in its capacity as an engine supplier to McLaren, a deal that the British team touted as exclusive despite an apparent agreement made with Bernie Ecclestone that would see it prepared to add a second team in 2016.

With McLaren vetoing Red Bull's plans to approach Honda for a supply, the Japanese firm will nonetheless have to be prepared to accept an approach from another team in 2017 as per the new engine agreement, which assures no outfit is left without a supply.

Though Hasegawa says that Honda - which has struggled to bring its power unit up to speed - hasn't received any approaches, he confirms it will make plans to fulfil any bid.

"We haven't any plans [to supply another team] but we have already promised the FIA that we would have the potential to supply a second or third teams, so we are preparing that, but there are no concrete plans," he explained.

Though Ecclestone has previously stated Honda shouldn't be held to an exclusive deal with McLaren from this year, he says it is ultimately up to the manufacturer whether it adheres to it.

"When Honda came into F1, normally we'd say people have to supply three teams, but, because it was new, the first year we said supply one team, two the second year and three the third. The people I've got a contract with, that contract says they can only supply the team that's got the contract with them and can't supply anybody else so it's up to Honda."



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