McLaren's Jenson Button says Honda is likely to go in a different direction with its power unit next season, despite making some "big steps" for 2016.

Honda has improved this year, but Button has confirmed plans are afoot to completely re-design the engine for 2017, as McLaren and Honda look to step up their challenge and take the fight to Mercedes and Ferrari.

"I think with the way the engine is, yes, it is difficult to extract the power that we feel we need - and that is not me saying that, that is Honda," Button said.

"And that is why [there is plans for] the makeover for next year. They have made some big steps this year with the engine. But I think to make the big step to the top teams is very difficult [without a revamp]."

Meanwhile, Button said that while the McLaren is a "good" car this year, there are various things that need to be improved before they can make another step forward.

"I feel that the car itself is a good car, although I don't know how good. I think with the deployment we are in a good position, with the power unit there is still a lot of work needed and the car as well," he explained.

"There are areas that are weak and areas that are very strong when you compare to last year. Braking is very strong with this car, for example. There are areas you can see that are very weak, however, when you compare to others that need to be improved and that is compared to the top teams not the middle of the pack teams.

"Compared to the middle teams we are stronger in terms of how the car feels, I should think. But we want to compare ourselves to the Ferraris and the Mercedes'. So, it is good but it is a package. You need everything to work and that is what we are trying to make happen."

"We are on the edge [basically]," he added. "We still need more to really be fighting and enjoying it. But hopefully that will come over the next few races."



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