Anticipation for the first Grand Prix of Europe to be held in Azerbaijan is growing amongst F1 drivers, with Fernando Alonso expecting it to be a 'unique' addition to the schedule.

To be held on June 17-19, the race will be held around the streets of the capital city Baku, a layout that has already caught the eye with its high-speed sections and a location that will see the cars wend between a series of notable modern and historic landmarks.

With speeds set reach up to 340km/h at the fastest point on the Baku City Circuit, McLaren-Honda driver Alonso expects the street venue to be an unusual novelty for drivers.

"The circuit is very, very fast," the two-time world champion, who has also been appointed Official Ambassador for the race, said. "I think we will reach an impressive top speed in Baku, around 340km/h. This is a very unique feeling in a street circuit."

The first major international sporting event to be held in Azerbaijan, the features of the 6km Baku City Circuit will see drivers pass Azadliq Square and Maiden Tower, before traversing the tight streets of the Old Town.

"I'm very excited to be racing in Baku," said Williams' Valtteri Bottas. "I've never actually been there so it's a new place for me to visit plus [it's] a new race track so I really, really can't wait."

"I can't wait to come out there [Baku], thank you so much for firstly accepting us at the race and I hope to get to meet as many of you as possible," added defending champion Lewis Hamilton. "I can't wait!"

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