Bernie Ecclestone says a Formula One race in London could be held as early as next year, even though there is a "small technical issue" in terms of who is actually going to pay for it.

The idea of a race in London is nothing new. Indeed it has been mooted on a number of occasions over the last 10 years - resurfacing again back in January due to some impending legislative changes - and Ecclestone's comments this week have once again put it - the idea - back in the limelight.

"Next year if it's possible," Ecclestone told ITV Sport after being asked when it could come into place. "There is a small technical issue, who is going to pay for it, but other than that I can't see any dramas.

"[A race] in the middle of London would be fantastic. I mean we're having the same sort of thing in Baku now and like in Monaco. Street races have become very popular. We'd have a lot more viewers than they do in Monte Carlo."



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