Esteban Gutierrez says Haas F1 will "really" be able to concentrate on fine-tuning and maximising the set-up of the car during the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend.

Unlike all the other races on the Formula One calendar, the American debutants will arrive at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with data from the two winter tests and the Mexican believes this will definitely aid them as the squad looks to add to its 22-point tally.

"It makes a good difference [having run in Spain before] because you arrive with certain data, and you can predict a little bit better from that data. Straight away, it puts us in a more knowledgeable position approaching the weekend," Gutierrez explained.

"It allows us to be better prepared. Other teams have a lot of data from the past years, but for us, everything is new. This is the first time that we will arrive with some proper data so that we can really focus on maximising and fine tuning the car during the weekend."

"I believe that it will [also] be very positive for the team to make a proper comparison from where we started in testing, as we have a pretty good reference from that, and also where we are right now.

"It will be good to see how far we've progressed and it will allow us to understand the car better," he added.

Gutierrez also pointed out the fact it will be warmer at this time of year in Barcelona is anther positive for them: "The weather conditions will be very different [to what they were in testing]. Preseason testing was a bit on the cold side, a bit like it was at Shanghai and Russia, which didn't really make things very easy for us. But now that we're approaching the summer, the weather will be better, a bit warmer, and that will help us to have a bit more consistency. It will take away a little bit of a variable for us to be on the limit of the tyre's working range."

Meanwhile, Gutierrez added that he is impressed with how the team has improved over the last few months.

"The biggest difference now is how the team is working together. Race by race I feel the team is progressing very, very quickly. We've taken advantage of the things we've done well and when things haven't gone as well, we've adapted and learned quickly," he concluded.



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