Nico Rosberg says he chooses not to devote any attention to social media backlashes despite Mercedes beyond forced to defend itself in the wake of 'conspiracy' accusations against Lewis Hamilton.

The German currently holds a 43 point advantage over his Mercedes team-mate at the head of the overall standings following four wins from the opening four races.

However, in the wake of more problems for Hamilton during the Russian Grand Prix in both qualifying and the race, social media speculation suggested there were more underhand tactics at play in the disparate fortunes between the two drivers.

Though Hamilton sympathised with his partisan supporters, whilst rejecting the suggestions, Toto Wolff flatly denied the claims from 'lunatics'. With the comments whipping up more of a social media storm in the wake of the Sochi race, Mercedes took to releasing an open letter to fans to better clarify his position and recent events.

For Rosberg, he says he doesn't give much time to comments, pointing out that negative views will often stand out against the more positive support.

"You're always going to get that," he concedes. "In social media, it's a platform where people just fire and you're not going to get fire back. That makes it easy for negative comments and you tend to see more negative than positive, that's the unfortunate nature of it!

"Other than that it's not for me to even go into that or even think about. I don't see it, I don't read about it, I focus on my stuff. I'm a bit aware about it of course because we've gone through the discussions today going through media stuff with the team but that's it."

Reflecting on the chances of Hamilton launching a fight-back, Rosberg says he is in no doubt that the three-time champion is poised to claw back ground.

"That's very easy, because I'm the one that sees it internally. He's as focused and as determined as ever so he will of course bounce back as he's always done."



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