Daniil Kvyat has described his return to the Scuderia Toro Rosso outfit as returning home even though it has 'grown up' significantly since he exited just over a year ago.

Axed from the Red Bull Racing line-up ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, Kvyat returns to the Toro Rosso team he made his F1 debut with in 2014 for the remainder of this season.

Spending the day getting acquainted with the Ferrari-engined STR11, Kvyat - who was 15th fastest after FP2 - insists he has enjoyed settling back into the Toro Rosso team, branding it a team that has matured since he departed at the end of the 2014 season.

"It is like coming back home," he said. "Back in 2014 when I was leaving it felt like I was leaving home and now it feels like I came back. But it's not easy, home is always changing -- two years ago I was gone and Toro Rosso is a grown up team now.

"I now need to adjust to their references in terms of all the chassis work, engine work and so on, and find how to drive and where the limit is -- that doesn't happen unfortunately in one session.

Reflecting on his first day back in the car, Kvyat feels there is definitely potential in the package and was pleased with the characteristics of the Ferrari power unit.

"I didn't warm up my tyres in the second session so it was the wrong call from me, tried a different strategy which didn't pay off. But at least we know where it's all laying, the general feeling with the car is growing each lap. There are a few things we can cut the sharp ends in some areas, work on the details, and I think Toro Rosso has a very competitive package to be honest.

"One car warmed up the tyres, one car didn't warm up the tyres and the one that did warm up the tyres looked very competitive. Hopefully I will join the competitive pack tomorrow.

"Generally I think Ferrari has very big potential as well, it's a very smooth power unit and I was very pleased with how it works. It felt like it's all in all more balanced behind yourself."



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