Esteban Gutierrez has lashed out at the Haas team for the ongoing problems afflicting his car as he suffered yet more technical issues during free practice for the Spanish Grand Prix, saying the constant woes are 'making me look bad'.

Returning to F1 action this year with the new American team, though team-mate Romain Grosjean has scored in three of the opening four races, Gutierrez has been hampered by a series of technical issues over the course of the race weekends.

With electronic issues again consigning him to the pit lane for much of FP2 at the Circuit de Catalunya, Gutierrez proceeded to express his frustration, saying it is Haas' responsibility to ensure his car is reliable before suggesting the persistent problems are harming his reputation outside the team.

"I honestly put myself aside from this because it's not really my responsibility to fix the car," he lamented. "The team has to get on top of this, I am here to drive, to drive as fast as possible and it is what I really love doing. It's not nice because it's making me look very bad to the outside as a driver, personally.

"All the f*****g great job I'm doing on the inside is not really perceived by the outside. So it's a little bit frustrating on that side and also showing my pace I've been quick on everything, I just hope to get the car that I deserve in order to put the results on the paper."

Indeed, Gutierrez says he doesn't feel any more pressure to perform, but says the team should not be satisfied.

"I don't worry about myself," he continued. "At the moment I feel very good. Every time I drive the car I enjoy it a lot, I'm on top of everything and I'm doing my best with what I have. But this pressure is not on me, this pressure is on the people responsible for it.."



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