Lewis Hamilton has received the ire of Niki Lauda following the lap one clash that eliminated both himself and Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg.

Hamilton had started on pole position only for Rosberg to get ahead around the outside of turn one, prompting Hamilton to attempt a response by attacking on the run to turn four.

However, Rosberg would defend hard to the inside, forcing Hamilton onto the grass, where he would lose control and spin, collecting his team-mate in the process.

Though the pair have come into contact before, it the first time they have eliminated one another.

In the immediate aftermath, Niki Lauda laid the blame at Hamilton, saying he was too aggressive, while stewards have confirmed the incident will be considered after the race.

Both Hamilton and Rosberg have already met with management to discuss the incident, though Toto Wolff revealed neither apologised to one another and both are upset, while refusing to appoint blame.

"We spoke to both drivers, it's not a clear cut... Very difficult situation for the team. We've lost 43 points after a huge effort in the last couple of weeks but we let the drivers race and sometimes this is what happens. The stewards are going to make a decision on how they see it. In our opinion not to want to blame entirely, let's see."

"Niki has [blamed Lewis] from his driver's perspective. He has an opinion and this is his instinct and it's fair enough that he has that but if you look at the data and when you have the discussions with the drivers it's maybe different."

Going forward, Wolff says the team will look into the incident when it sits down with the drivers for longer and considers the data.

"It's a very difficult situation and they are both pretty upset, they know about the effort and of course they have their perspective and we need to talk with them again, look at the pictures, look at the data and any under circumstances avoid this happening in the future."