Williams' chief technical officer Pat Symonds has hinted at a second halo cockpit safety device to be trialled in the coming weeks which is different to Ferrari's concept seen in winter testing.

Symonds says Williams is powering through with developments for both this season and next year without the added implications of a cockpit protection but is aware it will be something to contend with when tackling aerodynamic challenges in 2017.

The Williams chief says his team can't premeditate what safety device will be introduced - with Ferrari trialling its halo concept during winter tests and Red Bull ran its aeroscreen during FP1 in Russia - while he's hinted at another alternative being tested in the near future.

"There is now a second halo device which is a bit different to what Ferrari ran in the test," Symonds said. "We'll see what Monaco brings but I think we've got an idea of what the effects are. They are quite dramatic and there are some things on the central line cooling which we simply won't be able to do because of the effect."

After gaining assurances from Charlie Whiting on the current situation with cockpit devices, Symonds is confident Williams will have plenty of time to prepare for the impact of the safety devices in time for their expected introduction for the start of 2017.

"I had a chat with Charlie [Whiting] today about it there is going to be a TRM meeting on Friday in Monaco and he assures me we are pretty sure where we will be by then," he said. "What we're doing in the wind tunnel is developing without anything on and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) were looking at implications of the canopy and halo devices."



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