Alex Lynn has given a glowing report on Williams' double rear wing which made its track debut in the first in-season F1 test and hopes he's impressed the team enough to be handed a second test outing at Silverstone.

The GP2 challenger and Williams development driver made his track debut in the FW38 with the new experimental rear wing, featuring a second larger wing plate, which would be illegal under current technical regulations but could be a possibility ahead of the 2017 rule changes.

The British driver ran aero tests to gather data on the new piece but feels had he been allowed to push and go faster on with the new part he was confident of its potential.

"I didn't push that hard on it, I wasn't allowed to," Lynn said. "You'll probably see Felipe do a bit more on it tomorrow. He'll be the better one to ask tomorrow.

"It did a lot more than it looked so it's difficult for me to say [the results]. I wasn't pushing that hard, the only laps I pushed were the end of the morning really on the medium tyre so it was a bit about getting aero scans for it and straight line speed stuff. It was a bit of a shame as it looked like it would have given some good downforce, but I wasn't quite able to do anything on it.

"I think it looked really old school, something from the 90s. It reminded me of that Senna Toleman at Monaco, one wing in front of the other."

After completing his full programme early, also working on setup for upcoming races in the twisty sections with an eye on Monaco, Lynn is optimistic for further outings with Williams but could not confirm when he will return to F1 action.

"I gave a good account of myself considering the runs I was given and what the programme was so hopefully the team will give some good feedback," he said. "I really hope so, I really want to. It depends on what Claire, Pat and Mike decide."



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