Christian Horner is confident next year's proposed regulation changes will shift more of the emphasis onto skill behind the wheel, saying drivers currently have 'too much of an easy time'.

Having previously criticised the current V6 Hybrid formula for being too weighted towards the ability of the car and not the driver, Horner has been one of the more vocal advocates for tweaking the technical regulations to prioritise skill over machine.

In the wake of 'losing' his battle against the manufacturers for stricter changes to the engine regulations - which he criticised for not going far enough -, Red Bull team principal Horner is hopeful the plan to revise the aerodynamics and tyres will achieve its stated aim.

"We have the regulation change [coming]," he said. "Formula One is about man and machine, or woman and machine at the absolute limit. I think at the moment the drivers have too much of an easy time.

"We don't see or get to appreciate their skill levels - which are huge. I think anything that can be encouraged within the regulations that differentiates more between the drivers, so we get to appreciate more the real skill they have, I'd be all for."

Though Horner and Toto Wolff have clashed over regulations previously, particularly engines, the Mercedes F1 boss agrees the forthcoming changes - which are still yet to be confirmed - are an exciting development for the sport.

"I think if we leave everything as it is now, we have changed the regulations for a new aerodynamic concept for next year and that's pretty exciting. I'm actually quite happy with the direction we are heading towards."

Maurizio Arrivabene, however, is less convinced, saying Ferrari's role is to build the best car and not to develop the best driver, adding he would rather see the current formula remain as it is.

"Concerning the show, I think from my point of few, as Ferrari, we are building car, engine, gearbox and chassis and not growing driver, so for us it's good what we have."



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