Gunther Steiner says he can understand Esteban Gutierrez's frustrations following his outburst at the Haas F1 team over the weekend, insisting it is the product of his passion to succeed.

Returning to F1 this season with the new Haas team, former Sauber driver Gutierrez has endured a disappointing 2016 campaign thus far, with persistent technical issues underlining his failure to score in the opening five races.

With team-mate Romain Grosjean earning plaudits for his results by contrast, another problem during free practice for the Spanish Grand Prix would see Gutierrez take aim at the team for its failure to get on top of the issues, remarking 'the f*****g great job I'm doing on the inside is not really perceived by the outside'.

Despite the outburst, Steiner says he doesn't blame Gutierrez for his pointed criticism, which also included him saying 'the team has to get on top of this', insisting he doesn't hold a grudge towards him for it.

"It is emotion and I don't hold any grudges about that," he said. "If it is standard thing I stop it, but sometimes it can happen. We are all passionate about it and it is the right way to be. But the guys in there, they work night and day, and it isn't easy.

"Never forget we weren't here two months ago: be calm, keeping working and we need to keep on improving, no point to panic. It is not like we are in a situation where we don't know what to do or we are stupid. We are learning to keep calm and to keep

"You know there are ways to say things but emotions come in play and that is good. We are all passionate about this otherwise we wouldn't do it."

Gutierrez scored his best result of the season during the Spanish Grand Prix, finishing 11th, albeit after being passed late on by Daniil Kvyat to miss out on the points.



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