Pascal Wehrlein says it would take a special circumstance for Manor to bother the points at the Monaco Grand Prix, two years after the minnow team scored its first and so far only F1 points around the principality.

A mighty race day performance by the late Jules Bianchi saw Manor score two points for a ninth place finish at the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix, a result that allowed it to finish ahead of Sauber in the constructors' standings that year.

Two years later, Manor is enjoying its most competitive turn on the back of a switch to Mercedes power, but while it has matched Sauber and Renalt on occasion this year it hasn't come close to points. Though the traditionally unpredictable Monaco could throw up more opportunities, rookie Wehrlein admits it won't do so on pure pace.

"Monaco is a special track, it's also the first time for me. I'm really looking forward to that. At the moment, our pace isn't strong enough to score points but you never know what is happening."

Having been drafted in to drive the Mercedes W07 during this week's post-Spanish Grand Prix test, Wehrlein says it isn't fair to compare it to his MRT05.

"It's a big difference of course. It wouldn't be fair to compare it and tell you what's better and what's worse but it's a big difference, yeah."

"It really feels different, so I had to get the feeling back because this year I wasn't in the simulator a lot so I need to change the steering wheel, all the buttons in different positions. I enjoyed the day in the car and got used to it and it was a great day."



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